WG will be composed by members of the consortium, according to their profile, and led by one of them. They will function throughout the project, as defined in the implementation plan, although they will be more active in specifically indicated moments. Members of the consortium will be able to sign up for the Working groups they wish to participate, according to their expertise and interests.

The members of the WG will use virtual communication and participation in the thematic forums. Ten thematic WG have been foreseen. They will be coordinated by one member of the consortium that stands out for his /her expertise on the topic:

Working Group Coordinator
Pre-primary Ojala (FI)
Primary Zepa (LV)
Secondary Kyriakides (CY)
Vocational training Zuzeviciuté (LT)
Special education Banfalvy (HU)
Gender Puigvert (ES)
Math & Science Gatt (ML)
Reading Soler (ES)
Cultural Groups Campani (IT)
ICT Reunamo (FI)

The coordinator of each Working Group will be in charge of contacting teachers and practitioners with a special interest in the topics addressed, with the aim of integrating the teaching experience in the different activities of the project in which the Working Groups take part, as well as the results reflected in the scientific reports. These working groups will also serve as a forum to connect research with practice, and therefore it will function as a forum for a shared reflection and two-way learning.

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