The SC, chaired by Ramón Flecha, aims at monitoring the overall scientific progress of the project according to its objectives. Along these lines, the SC is the core leadership committee of the INCLUD-ED taking central decisions in the different areas. Some of their functions include:



* Analysing and ensuring the integration of results of the research as to meet the objectives stated in each project, as well as the integrated project’s main objective.

* Monitoring the overall progress and scientific dimension of the activities according to the implementation plan.

* Guaranteeing the scientific excellence and the coherence of the different research projects intertwining objectives and results.

* Guaranteeing that the Advisory Committee’s and the Panel of Experts’ recommendations are fully integrated into the projects’ development.



Members of  Steering Committee

Montse Sánchez. Project 1 leader. Professor in Pedagogy at the University of Barcelona.
Miranda Christou. Project 2 leader. University of Cyprus.
Natalija Vrecer. Project 3 leader. Slovenian Institute for Adult Education.
Giovanna Campani. Project 4 leader. University of Florence.
John Holford. Project 5 leader. University of Nottingham.
Nicholas Walters. University of Surrey.
Suzanne Gatt. Project 6 leader. University of Malta.
Teresa Sordé. Integration project leader. Autonomous University of Barcelona.
Wolfgang Jütte. Danube University Krems
Sergio Carrera. Center for European Policy Studies.
Mikko Ojala. University of Helsinki.
Csaba Banfalvy. Eötvös Loránd University.
Carmel Mulcahy. Dublin City University.
Vaiva Zuzeviciuté. Vytautas Magnus University.
Brigita Zepa. Baltic Institute of Social Sciences.
Teodor Mircea Alexiu. University of West Timisoara.
Ramón Flecha. Chair of the Steering Committee. General Coordination. Professor of Sociology at the University of Barcelona
Marta Soler. General Coordination. 

KMC Coordinator. Professor in Social Sciences at the University of Barcelona. Doctor from Harvard Universit.

Lídia Puigvert. General Coordination.
Professor in Sociology at the University of Barcelona.




Project 6 leader. University of Malta