You can download here documents related to the results of the project.

PROJECT 1: European educational systems: connecting theories, reforms, and outcomes. *

Report 1: Review of the literature on educational reforms, theories and policy developments in Europe. This report contains the main theoretical debates orientated towards understanding the social and educational barriers which are connected to discrimination due to socio-economic levels, ethnic origin, gender or disability as well as proposals which help to overcome it.

Report 2: Theories, reforms and outcomes in European educational systems. This report integrates the results obtained from the previous analyses in order to provide a roadmap of the European educational systems as they relate to educational and social inclusion. In order to do that, efforts were dedicated to analyse the connections between educational theories, the different educational reforms and the outcomes of EU educational systems in terms of school achievement.

Training Seminars ProceedingsThis document contains the minutes from the debates held within the framework of the 6 Training Seminars which took place in Cyprus, Spain, Finland, Hungary, Ireland and Malta.

Training seminar proceedings, United KingdomThis document contains the information and results of the Training Seminar held in the School of Education, in the University of Nottingham.

PROJECT 2: European effective educational practices: How is education contributing to overcome or reproduce social exclusion? *

Working Paper: Effective educational practices in EuropeThis Woking Paper: Effective educational practices in Europe contains the main factors that generate educational failure and the factors which prevent it taken from the scientific literature review on effective educational practices in Europe

Report 3: Educational practices in Europe. Overcoming or reproducing social exclusion?This report presents an analysis of results from 20 Case Studies of effective educational centres across Europe at different levels of education and programmes.

INCLUD-ED. Actions for success in schools in EuropeThis publication contains the main findings of the first year of work carried out for the INCLUD-ED project. The main purpose of this document is to provide the results of this scientific analysis to policy makers, education professionals, families and other stakeholders with the ultimate aim of encouraging the implementation of the actions that best contribute to school success for all and social cohesion.

Collection of Monograph

This Collection of Monographs contains a collation of the most effective educational practices. Each publication corresponds to a different educational level.

Pre primary Education Monograph

Primary Education Monograph

Secondary Education Monograph

Special Eduction Monograph

Vocational Education Monograph

PROJECT 3: Social and educational exclusion and inclusion. Social structure in a European knowledge based society. *

Report 5: The structure of the knowledge society and educational inclusion. This report is the final product of Project 3, which aims to study how educational exclusion affects diverse areas of society (i.e. employment, housing, health, political participation) and what kind of educational provisions contribute to overcome it.

PROJECT 4: How social and educational exclusion intersects in vulnerable groups’ experiences & the role of education. *

Working papers: Social and educational exclusion from the actors perspective.







Working papers: Social and educational exclusion and inclusion processes among vulnerable groups







Report 6: Overcoming the social and educational exclusion of vulnerable groups. The main objective of this report is to summarize the principal results obtained during Project 4.


Working Paper: The gender dimension in the processes of social and educational exclusion and inclusion among vulnerable groups. This report integrates the main contributions on gender dimension obtained alongside the different stages carried out in Project 4.

Project 5: Connecting educational policies to other areas of social policy *

Working paper: Intersections between educational policies and other areas of social policy

Working paper: Education in European policies and in the development of citizenship

Report 7. European policies: Education and social cohesion

Project 6: Local projects for social cohesion. *

Working papers: Case studies of local projects in Europe (4th Round). This report provides the results of the fourth year of data collection of the longitudinal study of Project 6.

Working papers: Case studies of local projects in Europe (3rd Round)This report provides the results of the third year of data collection for the longitudinal study in Project 6. The third round focuses on analysing the links between types of participation in both academic and non-academic aspects. Strategies to promote these types of participation are also researched.

Working papers: Case studies of local projects in Europe (2nd Round)This report contains the results of the second year of the longitudinal study of Project 6.

Working papers: Case studies of local projects in Europe (1st Round)This publication includes the main contributions of the case study of 4 successful schools located in low SES contexts, which contain students from cultural minorities and strong community involvement.

Integration Project

Synthesis report. Cluster 1This report summarises the main findings of Cluster 1 within the INCLUD-ED project. This cluster consists of Project 1 and Project 2. An overview of the main conclusions of these two projects is presented in this report.

Synthesis report, Cluster 2 (Report 8):
 Structural elements, actions of social agents and policies that connect social exclusion/inclusion with educational exclusion/inclusion. This cluster consists of Project 3, Project 4 and Project 5. An overview of the main conclusions of these three projects is presented in this report.

Synthesis report. Cluster 3 (Report 9): Contributions of local communities to social cohesionThis cluster consist of the main results of Project 6. Is a longitudinal analysis of 6 cases studies.

Conclusion paper PoE & AC. Second Panel of Expert & Second Advisory Committee Meeting and their contributions on the project.

Final  INCLUD-ED Report. This report is the final report of INCLUD-ED project.

Report of integrated results towards action and policy recommendations. Key recommendations to policy makers in Education field. Same resources, better results.

Project presentation. Briefly document of the project presentation.

 INCLUD-ED websiteThis report is a presentation of the INCLUD-ED Project website.

INCLUD-ED website second year. This document is a presentation of the INCLUD-ED project website of the second year.