PROJECT 2. European effective educational practices: How is education contributing to overcome or reproduce social exclusion?

Project leader: Myranda Christou (University of Cyprus).

GENERAL OBJECTIVE: To analyse components from educational practices that are decreasing the rates of school failure and those of the practices that are increasing them.

WP6: State of the art. Education in Europe

Literature review : Revision of the literature on educational reforms, theories and policy developments in Europe. .

TheĀ partners participating in the research have identified key elements that are contributing to effective educational practices, collecting data, examples and reflections from research. Through this review, those common components that contribute to increase educational success have also been identified.

Working papers: Literature on effective educational practices in Europe (a paper for each level of education and for each area of knowledge)

TheseĀ  papers meant to reflect about the results of the literature review from European research projects and other documentation on successful educational practices. The working papers have been focused on different topics linked to effective practices: pre-primary, primary, secondary, vocatiional training, special education, maths and science, reading, gender, ICT and cultural groups.

WP7: Case studies I. 20 Case studies on educational effective practices

Case studies: 10 standardized open-ended interviews, 1 communicative focus group, 5 communicative observations and document about the educational centre.

20 educational centres were studied that are implementing effective educational practices at different educational levels (Pre-primary, Primary and Secondary) and in Vocational Training and Special Education Programmes (in regular schools). The consortium selected the 20 educational centres: 4 pre-primary centres, 4 primary centres, 4 secondary centres, 4 vocational training centres and 4 special education programmes. (Go to results)

WP8: Case studies II. 20 Case studies on educational effective practices

Report 3: Educational practices in Europe. Overcoming or reproducing social exclusion. (Go to results)

WP9. Discussion and dissemination

International Scientific Workshop (Nicosia) (Go to events)

Collection of monographs (Go to results)