PROJECT 6. Local projects for social cohesion.

Project leader: Suzanne Gatt (University of Malta).

GENERAL OBJECTIVES: To study communities involved in learning projects that have developed the integration of social and educational interventions that contribute to reduce inequalities and marginalisation, and to foster social inclusion and empowerment.

WP21. 5 Case studies

Field work (4th rounds)

A four year longitudinal study was carried out using the Critical Communicative Methodology. A collection and analysis of quantitative, qualitative and communicative data corresponding to the four of the study was carried out for each case study. The participating partners selected one or various schools to do this longitudinal study according to the following criteria:

(a) Educational centres that have demonstrated to contribute to school success (as reflected by children’s or adolescents’ educational attainment) in relation to their context.

(b) Educational centres that respond to the same social characteristics: low SES and students with minority background.

(c) Educational centres with strong community involvement that are contributing to overcome inequalities

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WP22. Data analysis

Working papers per case studies (4th rounds) (Go to results)

WP23. Comparative analysis and conclusions on the local projects analysed.

Final report: Contributions of local communities for social cohesion

WP24. Dissemination

5 country workshops