INCLUD-ED’S results have been disseminated in a high number of scientific publications. Among the indexed articles, more than 54 are of female researchers and more than 50 are of junior researchers and PhD students. The journals that have published Impact Results belong to different disciplines as psychology, economy, criminology or sociology, among others.

The following evidences reflect these achievements on scientific impact.



Scientific articles published *

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Evidence:  more than 50 articles indexed in JCR (Journal Citation Report)

  • Quartile 1: 3
  • Quartile 2: 18
  • Quartile 3: 8
  • Quartile 4: 23


Evidence:  more than 43 articles indexed in other data bases:

  • SCOPUS: 7
  • Other data bases: 36




Conferences and International Seminars *

Evidence: 14 Conferences and International Seminars.

9 invited papers:

  • International Conference about the results of INCLUD-ED project (Nicosia, 2008).
  • Final and Intermediated conference of the INCLUD-ED project Brussels (2009, 2011).
  • International Conference: Europe 2020: Goals and Challenges for a Better Europe (Malta, 2011).
  • Project results presentation in 4 internationals conferences organized for the: Serbia Ministry of Education, DG Research of the European Commission, European Training Foundation (ETF) and Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE).
  • International Seminar: Education and Social Policies. Synergies for the organized inclusion for UNESCO (2013) with an assistance of 300 persons and 7.000 streaming viewers.


5 International Seminars:

  • International Seminar for young researches within the project INCLUD-ED framework. (Barcelona, 2011).
  • The educational inclusion of immigrant and Roma (Florence, 2011).
  • Education as a tool for the promotion of social inclusion: The case of migrants and minorities (Brussels, 2011).
  • Community, family and learning: successful actions to overcome educational exclusion (Barcelona, 2011).
  • Social Cohesion: Schools and Their Communities (Nottingham, 2009).


Papers presented in International Congresses *

Evidence: 17 papers presented in International Congresses.

  • AERA  (American Educational Research Area) Congress (2008-2013).
  • ISA (International Sociological Association) Congress (2010).
  • ECER (European Conference on Educational Research) Congress (2009-2013).
  • Qualitative Inquiry Congress (2009, 2013).
  • ESA (European Sociological Association) Conference (2009, 2011, 2013).