2013 Best Paper Prize- Cambridge Journal of Education to Ramon Flecha and Marta Soler

The Cambridge Journal of Education has awarded the 2013 Best Paper Prize to Ramón Flecha and Marta Soler for their paper entitled ‘Turning difficulties into possibilities: engaging Roma families and students in school through dialogic learning’. Congratulations! Access the paper online here  Read More

ORCID meets SSH Workshops at the University of Barcelona

On the 15th of May, the University of Barcelona hosted a workshop entitled Social Sciences and Humanities meet ORCID: towards a fruitful collaboration, attended by more than 70 researchers from over 25 departments and diverse research groups in SSH with a focus on Law, Human Rights, Linguistics, Communication and Media, Education, Demographic studies, from 7 Catalan universities. The... Read More

Support to Social Sciences and Humanities in Horizon 2020

Right now, the budget for the next Framework Programme for Research of the European Commission, Horizon 2020, is being discussed. The presence and specificity of our discipline in European research priorities had been questioned and, thanks to your letters, the European Parliament decided there had to be a specific Challenge on SSH. Now there is another key point: there is imminent... Read More

Dr. Rocío García Carrión, a CREA researcher, obtains a Marie Curie Action to carry out a project that will advance in the scientific contributions done by the RTD INCLUD-ED project

Dr. Rocío García Carrión, researcher at CREA and assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the International University of Catalonia, has obtained a Marie Curie Action (Intra-European Fellowships) to carry out a postdoctoral research in the University of Cambridge. The Marie Curie Action belongs to the Research Fellowship Programme from the Research and Innovation Area... Read More

Code of conduct for the researcher to study the Romani people

From the CEG, and in close collaboration with our advisory board that is integrated by associations and representatives of Roma in Catalunya, we reject any kind of research that does not respect a number of ethical and scientific values when researching with and for the Roma people. So we decided to develop a code of ethical conduct for research teams working with the Roma. This... Read More

International Symposium on the contributions of successful Cooperativism for overcoming current economical problems.

The Symposium is organized in the framework of an international research network composed by many world-renown researchers, such as Erik Olin Wright (current American Sociological Association president), Ofer Sharone (MIT Sloan School of Management) or Michelle Williams (University of Witwatersrand- South Africa) among others. This event is also connected with the project “Competitive... Read More

2nd Meeting Advisory Council of CREA Romany Study Group.

                  On June, 20th 2011. the Advisory council of CREA Romany Study Group met at the University of Barcelona. This council consists of different representatives from Romani organizations, Public Administration and scholars. During the meeting, issues related the Code of Ethics on Romani Studies and future research proposals... Read More

CREA’s research highlighted in the website of Cambridge University

CREA’s research highlighted in the website of Cambridge University. To read more information, click here: http://talks.cam.ac.uk/talk/index/25534  Read More

One of CREA’s projects has become the first Integrated Project (IP) Research Framework Programme of the European Union coordinated from Spain

One of CREA’s projects has become the first Integrated Project (IP) Research Framework Programme of the European Union coordinated from Spain. More information  Read More

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