Dialogue with International Scientific Community

During the last few years, we have organised seminars with authors of maximum international prestige in the social sciences, creating spaces for theoretical debate about current issues, in which different researchers from CREA have participated.

The invited authors impart an open session to the public and generally also maintain a bilateral debate with some of the centre’s members. The condition for participating in these debates is having read their books regardless of the academic category they fall into.

Some of the seminars have been held with the following authors:


Paulo Freire, 1994 Ulrich and Elisabeth Beck, 1998 Alain Touraine, 1999
Jon Elster, 2001 Judit Butler, 2001 Alejandro Portes, 2002
Gordon Wells, 2003 John Searle, 2003 Gary Orfield, 2004


Participation as lecturer or speaker in scientific events.

Different members of CREA have imparted lectures and seminars at universities in Brazil, United States, Germany , Australia, Korea and many other countries.

Noam Chomsky (Institute Professor and Professor of Linguistics, MIT), Eileen de los Reyes (Moderator, Assistant Professor HGSE), Ramon Flecha ( University of Barcelona, Spain), Carolyn Higgins (Earlhm College), Yamila Hussein (HGSE master’s degree candidate), Donaldo Macedo (UMass Boston), Nancy Richardson (associate dean for ministry, Harvard Divinity School), Ira Shor (City College of New York).


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