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Educational and Social Change VI (second part): Preventive socialisation of gender violence

October 19 –20, 2004. Barcelona Science Park.

The priority objective of this seminar was to analyse the actions that serve to prevent gender violence. There was special focus placed on settings in which prevention could be most effective, like the family, leisure time, work or school, so that abuse does not occur, or if it does the victims find support from all areas of society in order to assure that it does not repeat itself. Marta Selva Masoliver (President of the Institut Català de la Dona, Generalitat de Catalunya ), Marina Subirats (Chair of Sociology, UAB), and Anna Simó Castelló (Commissioner of Benestar i Família of the Generalitat de Catalunya).

Educational and Social Change VI (first part): Migrations, affirmative action and research methodology.

June 13-14, 2004 . Barcelona Science Park.

In this edition the debate was about the current state of international research, centred on the study of actions that are making more advances in overcoming the exclusion of certain cultural groups, as well as on the research methodologies that provide the scientific basis for these actions. We brought together authors of international renown and representatives from the universities, political field and different social organisations. Some of the participants were Gary Orfield (Professor of Education and co-director of the Civil Rights Project, Harvard University), Mohammed Chaib Akhdim (Member of the Catalonian Parliament), Salvador Carrasco (Professor of the Department of Sociology and Analysis of Organisations, University of Barcelona), Xavier Torrens (Professor in the Department of Constitutional Law and Political Science, University of Barcelona), and Boladji Omer Bertin Oke (Director General of Immigration of the Basque Country).

Educational and Social Change V (second part): Dialogic reading.

December 13-14, 2003. Barcelona Science Park.

This edition reflected on themes like reading and speech acts, communication and the creation of meaning from shared texts, diversity of contexts and the dialogic model of reading and the impact of reading in a media oriented world such as ours. Authors like John Searle (Professor of Berkeley University), Ana Araujo Freire (Professor of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Sao Paulo), Pablo del Río (Professor of the University of Salamanca ) and Marta Soler (Professor of the University of Barcelona ) participated.

Educational and Social Change V (first part): Learning Communities; Quality for all.

April 7-8, 2003. Barcelona Science Park.

We analysed and reflected on the transformative factors that contribute to increasing educational success based on the analysis of actions that are being carried out in Learning Communities. Recognised authors in the scientific community like Gordon Wells, Miquel Siguan, Ignasi Vila, Marta Soler and César Coll, with extensive trajectories in research in the area of school education, participated.

Educational and Social Change IV: Rethinking multiculturalism.

November 14-15, 2002. Barcelona Science Park.

Experts on a national and international scale such as Shirley R. Steinberg (Professor of Montclair State University) and Joe L. Kincheloe (Professor City University of New York), who are among the most recognised authors in the United States in critical pedagogy, collectives from different cultures and social movements, technicians, institutional representatives, teachers and university students… reflected on addressing multiculturalism in the face of new social realities, in order to make useful proposals to overcome issues surrounding phenomena like immigration. The aim of all of this is to contribute to the consolidation of a more egalitarian society.

Educational and Social Change III: Women and Social Transformation.

October 23- 24, 2001. Barcelona Science Park.

Judith Butler (author of Antigone’s Claim and the most cited feminist author worldwide), Lídia Puigvert (Professor of Sociological theory at the University of Barcelona and author of Las Otras Mujeres ) and Elisabeth Beck-Gernsheim (co-author of the Normal Chaos of Love ) were participants . During the seminar the basis for a new and emerging feminism was established, a dialogic one, characterised by making visible new spaces with women’s presence, through dialogue and the equality of differences.

Educational and Social Change II: Educational, social and economic actions to im prove coexistence among cultures.

November 28- 29, 2000. Barcelona Science Park.

In this seminar didactic strategies were identified that provide responses to the needs in a multicultural society. John Comings (Professor of the School of Education and director of NCSALL, Harvard University ) participated.

Educational and Social Change I: Theories and practices that overcome inequalities.

November 22- 23, 1999. Barcelona Science Park.

The objective of this edition was to present international and national educational experiences that are successful in overcoming educational inequalities.


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