Alhiwar Arab-Muslim Group

This group was constituted in 2000. Its priority lines of research are:

  1. Equality of Arab women from their identity. The role of women is fundamental in social transformation towards cultural and gender equality. Arab women are doubly discriminated against (for gender and ethnicity); therefore, they seek creative solutions for overcoming them. Some Arab women’s associations play an important role in this transformation and this fact is present in research.

  2. Migratory processes. Currently, migratory processes are gaining great significance. However, the configuration of a multicultural society is received with mistrust, even though it offers tremendous benefits. In this sense we aim to promote, through a rigorous analysis of current reality, an intervention that contributes to eradicating racism and to building a society that is more in solidarity with diverse cultures.

  3. Promoting participation of the Arab community for overcoming exclusion. We analyse the forms of citizen participation that are the most successful in different fields (education, work, human rights, political…). We seek to promote the inclusion of the Arab community to construct a more plural and democratic society. In order to assure the social utility of the research, we have established ongoing relationships with social and cultural movements.

  4. Creation of networks and spaces for debate. To promote the creation of spaces for dialogue and reflection through the exchange of experiences and perspectives between distinct associations, organisations and/or research centres.


We highlight the project:: AMAL: Inmigración y mercado laboral. Plan Nacional I+D+I 2000-2003. Programa de socioeconomía. Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología. Secretaría de Estado de Política Científica y Tecnología. (2001-2005).

We highlight the publication: Touraine, A.; Wieviorka, M.; Flecha, R.; colaboradores. (2004): Conocimiento e identidad. Voces de grupos culturales en la investigación social. Barcelona: El Roure.

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