Consolidated R.G.

At present, there are two Consolidated Research Groups linked to CREA.

GRESUD (Consolidated Research Group in Education that Overcome Inequalities)

GRESUD is a cross-disciplinary interuniversity group, officially recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya, whose work is focused on the analysis of inequalities and the paths for overcoming inequalities through education. The group has extensive experience of collaborative work and scientific development across a range of programs and has contributed to promoting Catalan and Spanish research throughout the international scientific community, as well as playing an important role in the training of young researchers.

GRESUD’s main lines of research have two common aspects: 1) Critical communicative methodology, internationally validated through projects developed under the V and VI Framework Programme of the European Commission, among other RTD projects; and 2) development of research projects and scientific activities directed at tackling social inequalities.

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GIS (Consolidated Research Group in Gender, Identity & Society)

GIS is the continuation of the former Emergent Group in Gender, Identity & Education (GIE) that was recognized by the Generalitat de Catalunya in 2005. The group emerged from the Centre of Research in Theories and Practices that Overcome Inequalities (CREA-UB) at the Scientific Park in Barcelona, to which most of its members belong, and already had another consolidated group since 1999. Under the common umbrella of CREA, both groups maintain an ongoing collaboration, sharing approaches and research topics. This collaboration allows increasing interdisciplinarity to address social issues and benefits to both groups’ identity and singularity.

The group is aimed at the analysis of social interactions in the transformation of gender relations, identities and nowadays society. From a cross-disciplinary framework, GIS analyze the intersection of gender dimensions, cultural and religious identities, communication and participation in the context of today’s multicultural and knowledge society, as well as studying how social interactions can contribute to social improvement in different contexts.

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